inessential by Brent Simmons


The slumping Mariners beat the Twins last night 14-0. A good sign, perhaps. Let's see what happens against the Twinkies tonight.

Prince reclaims his name. At long last.

John Van Dyk has posted a request for comments regarding a Manila Metadata Plugin.

I just discovered DevShed, which calls itself "The Open Source Web Development Site." (Maybe I'm the last to discover this site?) At first glance it looks useful.


Slashdot: Making Linux Easy With Eazel's Andy Hertzfeld.

osOpinion: Microsoft Gamble of a Lifetime: "The Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS) hatched by the crew in Redmond promises to deliver all Windows services to a browser near you. In fact, in the long run, you likely won't be able to buy Microsoft products in stores at all. Everything will be available online."

I think it's great that Mac OS X is a UNIX-ish operating system. Totally cool. I look forward to running it on my G4. On the other hand, the more I see of Aqua the less I like it. I'm seeking less cuteness, not more, on my desktops. I already can't stand the cuteness of Windows, its My this and My that. Aqua's different from the Windows desktop, yes, but on another level it's looking like more of the same. Note: Apple's marketing department probably does not have people like me in my mind. Microsoft's marketing department doesn't, surely.