inessential by Brent Simmons


***MSIE 5/Mac

Mac MSIE 5 JavaScript question: How do you get the selected text? With MSIE 5 for Windows one calls document.selection.createTextRange (). With MSIE 5/Mac, I get an error that document.selection is not an object. Support for Manila Express and for the JavaScript HTML Editor in Manila depends on being able to get the selected text.

Here's a feature I like about MSIE 5/Mac -- you can put "folders" in the favorites bar. Update: artboy informs me you can do the same thing with Netscape/UNIX.


Utterly shameful. What should have been the double-play ball that would have sent us into extra innings went right on by second-baseman Mark McLemore. Fudge.

So, like last night, Mariners lose in the bottom of the ninth. 4-3.

Edgar es muy caliente. He hit a two-run home run earlier to give the Mariners a 3-0 lead. Eeeeeeeeeeeeedgaaaaaaaaaaaaaar.

Mariners lost yesterday, 4-2. Jay Buhner tied the game in the top of the 9th -- but then José Mesa blew it, giving up a two-run home run to Cal Ripken in the bottom of the 9th. Nuts to José Mesa.


I just ordered a Handspring Visor. I've never owned a PDA before. Update: Seth Bokelman loves his Handspring Visor.

A new version of Archipelago was released.