inessential by Brent Simmons


I almost never make coffee at night. Tonight I made coffee.

Lola Ray Lewis is awake.

Last night Sheila gave me a personality test about how you are at work. I got very balanced results. Which I could have predicted in advance, I always end up being pretty much equal parts this, that, and the other thing when taking these kinds of tests.

But I'm not one of those people who say "moderation in all things." I have no aesthetic attraction to balance. Quite the opposite: I'm friends with the out-of-kilter. The dis-equilibriate and I do lunch regularly. Acausality and I send our kids to the same school. When I party, I like to have drinks with my pals discontinuity and dissonance. The hyperbolic and I, well, we just like to chill.

This ain't for no reason.

Of course, the end result of the test is to give you a personality type. I could have been an Organizer, Catalyst, Motivator, etc. etc. It labelled me a Developer. No surprise: that's my job title.

Despite my late-modernist tendencies, I can be fearlessly sentimental, which I don't mind telling you, bobouleh. Case in point: moments ago I saw a squirrel racing across the lawn, carrying a nut in its mouth. I felt it in my heart. That's completely ridiculous, all out of proportion. Which is probably why I don't mind.