inessential by Brent Simmons


Mac Manila Express Bug Fix: It looks like the mangled bookmarklet problem has been solved. First delete your current Manila Express bookmarklet. Then go here, follow the instructions. Make sure it works. Try quitting and restarting IE. Does it still work? I just need a few confirmations.

If it works, this means you can put it in your favorites or toolbar favorites, you don't have to put it in the Apple Menu or on the desktop. (So far it works on Sheila's Mac and on my Mac -- which means it probably works in general.) (Update: Al Hawkins reports in. Looks like we're good to go.)

Me, I keep it in my toolbar favorites. I like having it visible, one click away. It's even easier than on Windows, where you have to right-click then select a menu item.

What was the problem? It was a double-quotes vs. single-quotes issue. No big deal, easily fixable.

Redmonk: Frontier Macros in Dreamweaver.

The Ska FAQ: "Go forth and skank." Common Shell Tools. Via Qube Quorner.