I'm working on adding CSS support to objects that are created by Manila that you can't directly modify. Manila themes will be able to specify the CSS for a site. Better CSS support means better themes.

My Handspring Visor arrived today. New toy. I'm excited.

Frontier developer needed in Boston.

More Manila widgets: Manila Clipper by Duncan Smeed, Manila Helper from Martin Spernau.

Radio stations are a topic on Scripting News and the discussion group. Were there an inessential.com radio station, it would be right now playing what I call "shipping music." Music for rude boys and girls: Skatalites, Specials, Madness, Sublime, Hepcat, Desmond Dekker, English Beat, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. And of course the Clash, always the Clash, still the only band that matters.

30 May 2000