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John VanDyk: Announcing the Metadata Plugin for Manila: "This plugin allows the association of arbitrary metadata with stories in a Manila site. Metadata can be indexed automatically and macros can use these indices to build tables of contents, keyword search results, product summaries, or whatever you can dream up." "Welcome to the hottest spot on the web for hard-core client-side engineering..."

XML-RPC: XML-RPC validation suite.

I like how Daniel Berlinger has used the Discuss CSS feature -- the header is a background image, a gradient. Looks good. Super-bon.

Bug Fixes 06/01/00: "Several bugs were fixed today in mainResponder and Manila."

Bookmarklet for validating HTML below. It validates the HTML in the page you're looking at using W3C's on-line validator.

It's been tested in MSIE 5 Windows and Macintosh on my machines. To install, drag the link to your Toolbar Favorites or ctrl-click (or right-click) on it and add it to your Favorites.

Validate HTML

Here's one for validating CSS:

Validate CSS

You'll note that this page doesn't validate -- that will change.

Velocity: Michael's writing about teenagers partying at the Seattle Center. It warms my heart: there's a sense of continuity here. 15 years ago that was me, that was my friends. Of course -- in those days the Center hadn't been renovated yet, and Skoochie's was nearby. Do kids these days have as much fun as we had? I hope so. (The responsible adult in me adds: we always took the bus.)

Avoiding fights was always interesting, at least back in the '80s. "New Wavers suck!" My witty reply: "Stoners suck!" Ah, the good old days.

I started using my new Handspring Visor yesterday. So far so good -- in fact, it's great. Pretty much all the time I need to work very systematically: so I create a short-term to-do list (but as a memo) and keep track of where I am. It's hard to do in a desktop app, because often my screen is full of windows I'm working on, no room for another app or outline. Or I may be doing something that requires me to quit and restart Frontier or Pike often (say a new build), and I can't keep an outline open.

The other thing I'm finding it's good for is to take random notes of things I discover. For instance, last night I was validating the HTML and CSS on a website, and discovered that the spacePixels macro leaves out the alt attribute, thereby creating non-valid HTML. I no longer trust my memory on these things, I like to make notes.

I haven't learned to do a HotSync yet. Maybe tonight. That way I can install BrainForest so I can have an outliner on my Visor. My ultimate goal is connecting my PDA to the web.

I always think I don't like Bob Marley and the Wailers. You know: blech to that reggae stuff, it's just ska gone bad, all self-consciously political and self-righteous, and slow and boring, blah blah blah -- but then I actually hear a Bob Marley song, and I think: wow, that's good. What an artist, what a band.