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Sheila and I have been enjoying blivet alot lately. I like watching weblogs grow, become something worth visiting every day.

I downloaded and installed iMovie, which is now available for G4s, not just iMac DVs. It quit with a type 12 error every time I launched it. I tried turning on and off extensions -- you know the dance. Nothing worked.

Finally I remembered about the MacFixIt site, where I found in one of their forums that somebody else had the answer: iMovie doesn't work unless the Control Strip is enabled. So I enabled it; now iMovie works.

Why the hell does iMovie require the Control Strip? It's so weird, so Windows.

{pictureRef (, align:"right")}New Manila macros: glossSub, includeMessage, and pictureRef. To make these available on your server, update manila.root, and quit and re-start Frontier.

I used the pictureRef macro to right-align the picture of the atom above. I typed {pictureRef ("atom.gif", align:"right")}.

The Bookmarks and Search boxes are included in the template for this site via the includeMessage macro. In the dynamic version of this site, I get an Edit button beneath each of these boxes. It makes it easy to edit components of the template without actually having to edit the template itself.

Manila's basic macro are documented on the Macros site.

I don't know if this universal, semi-universal, or just me. When I was very young, when I was still learning language, I expected words that sound alike to be closely related in meaning. Two examples: perm and sperm, Venus and penis. The difficulty in learning is exacerbated by not being too good at hearing yet. (Part of learning language is learning to hear language. Duh.) The words Venus and penis were nearly indistinguishable. The first time I can remember making people laugh is when I inadvertently referred to the planet penis.

Lesson learned: penis jokes are funny.

(Note to Freudians: get lost.)

Penis, second planet from the sun, cloud-covered, mysterious, hot enough to melt lead. Penis, the Evening Star, visited by U.S. and Russian probes, mapped from orbit.

Penis, the Morning Star, home of a runaway Greenhouse Effect, with a surface atmospheric pressure 90 times that of Earth's.

When it comes to planetary humor, who can forget... Commoditising the Windows API: "It isn't hard to imagine that a large proportion of companies may start writing against the WINE libraries, the common standard of the old Windows and every other operating system, including Linux, instead of the Microsoft Windows API, to ensure compatibility between the various competing operating systems and the largest possible market share." Via