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The themes discussion continues. As does work on themes.

New show at Stand In | Jennifer Gardner. Via post695.

Another thing I like about Mac IE 5: keyboard navigation. It works like MSIE 5 for Windows. You can tab (and shift-tab) between links, hit enter to follow the link.

I'm starting to get the hang of BrainForest. It's keeping the to-do list for Themes organized. I'm still planning a review in a few days, maybe on the weekend. Perhaps before then I'll have come up with an easy way of going from BrainForest to the web, probably via Pike.

My father -- who represents the first generation of Simmons men to be saddled with the unfortunate initials B.S. -- once gave me this sound advice: "You can never have too many napkins."

Say you're downtown shopping, and you get a hot dog (or Wiener Schnitzel) from that go-get-'em fellow with the cart -- take as many napkins as you can without getting in a fight with the man with the tongs. Because, sure enough, 30 minutes later you're going to get a runny nose or spill your latte in your lap. You can't stop Murphy, but you can clean up after he strikes.

Speaking of Murphy... Dear Reader, I noticed when you came in this morning you have a small yellow-green grass stain, streaked with dirt, behind your ankle. No no, other leg. I know you were running late, but still, use the sidewalks, that's what they're there for. When you launder these pants, don't dry them on high heat, you'll bake the stain right in.

Andrew Wooldridge: scriptingnews chat today! "I'm lurking pretty much all day on #scriptingnews on irc today. I'd like to invite everyone on to come and chat about manila, ETP, soap, or any other cool stuff you feel like!"

It's the year 2000, and I have a terrible confession: I've never chatted. I treat my sentences like B-movie Hollywood starlets -- they spend hours in makeup and wardrobe, trying on capital letters, making sure no vowels are missing or out of place, picking through racks of punctuation looking for the perfect accessories, checking first this look in the mirror, then that look. They won't go out until they're ready to meet their public. (Demanding little prisses, Trinitron prima donnas, unaware that people are laughing at them behind their back.)

I'm joking. Sort of. But I'll never be the Dogma 2000 candidate for President of the Internet, despite my sympathy for the cause. And I may never chat.

You'd be right to say: "Oh, get over yourself!"