inessential by Brent Simmons


Columbus: "Wow. This themes thing is really cool. I just changed the look and feel of this site 4 times in 5 minutes." This site is using my personal favorite theme (so far), the RightStrip theme.

I'm trying to develop an aesthetic approach to watching bees. We have these lovely allium (alliums?), now in full spherical bloom, around which bees hover like helicopters harassing a giant purple geodesic dome. But the voice in my head insists: I know it's gonna hurt me, I know it's gonna hurt me, I know it's gonna hurt me.

A lesson I keep re-learning: the body has limits. (Problem is, those limits keep changing on me.) The night Themes shipped I was up until dawn. The next day, yesterday, I was in a fog all day. This reporter even took a nap, which didn't help much, or not enough. I got major sleep last night and am fresh again today, I'm happy to report.

The day begins with Madness: "So if you're coming off the street, and you're beginning to feel the heat, well listen Buster, you better start to move your feet, to the rockin'-est rock-steady beat of Madness -- One Step Beyond!"