inessential by Brent Simmons


Frontier: Responders Performance Tip.

Dynamic Sites and Folders Bug Fix.

Root Updates Changes 6/19/00.

Personal note: I still think it's somewhat magical that we can update the client side of the root updates system.

The Mariners won big for Sheila's birthday.

I've always wanted a Vespa scooter. From Vespa.Org, an Umberto Eco quote: "Thus the Vespa came to be linked in my eyes with transgression, sin, and even temptation -- not the temptation to possess the object, but the subtle seduction of faraway places where the Vespa was the only means of transport. And it entered into my imagination not as an object of desire, but as a symbol of an unfulfilled desire."

I want to see Shaft on the big screen. Samuel L. Jackson is totally cool -- but I was still skeptical at first. Then I saw it was directed by John Singleton of Boyz n the Hood fame. Dude, I'm there.