inessential by Brent Simmons


LinuxNewbies: IPChains Part I: What is it?. "It provides firewalling and IP masquerading, which are two components of a well-designed network."

Python for Palm OS. Via Zope Newbies.

Who's the hero of modern times? The TV repairman who makes house calls. Help is on its way! Update: Help came, it's fixed. How did he fix it? He unplugged the power to the set, then plugged it back in. Now it works. Magic. Of course, I still get charged for the visit.

CNN.Com: Tacoma hospital shut down. Confirms Seattle-ites prejudices and fears of Tacoma, home of the Tacoma-aroma. (If you've ever driven by on I-5, you know what I'm talking about.)

Theory: every nice city has a less nice city nearby. The nice city depends on that other city to do the dirty work. Then the nice city looks down on the dirty-work town. Seattle/Tacoma. San Francisco/Oakland. New York/North Jersey. Philadelphia/Camden.

Link via Al Hawkins.