inessential by Brent Simmons


At the half-way mark, at the All-Star break, the Mariners are 51-35, with a three-game lead in the AL West and the second-best winning percentage in all of major league baseball. My oh my!

I'm so excited -- I just ordered an iBook (graphite) and an Airport station. I've wanted to be able to work outside for a long time. And I've wanted a laptop for even longer, since before I even had a house with a yard. Yes, this will be my first laptop, unbelievable as it sounds.

Sometimes I like to price things. For instance, occasionally local Internet companies send email asking me to be in a focus group. (If you live in or near Seattle, you probably get these too.) They offer $50 for my time. No way. But how much would it take? I would do it for $1000, not less.

How much would would you have to pay me to read the new Harry Potter book? It's over 700 pages. I would read it for $3500, roughly $5 per page.

I don't mean it's a bad book, it's just so completely opposite my taste. Why mention it at all? Just to be contrary.