inessential by Brent Simmons


Ketchup, the latest Theme from the delightfully prolific and talented Bryan Bell, is available on Weblogs.Com and EditThisPage.Com. If you're a Frontier server manager, you can get the Theme from Bryan's site (the above link).

Browser makers can go ____ themselves with a _____ ______-_______ ____-_______ toad ____ _____ on ___________ _____ and poison ivy.

First I hear that MSIE 5.5 for Windows doesn't work with Manila Express.

Then I discover that you can't create a new weblog at Weblogs.Com using Netscape 6 Preview Release 1.

Okay -- please don't do things like that. Or I'm going to have to _____ _ _____ ________ __ ____ ________ ____.

Manila Server HowTos: How to Share a Membership Group. "When sites share a membership group, this means that you can join once, login once, and you're a member of all the sites that share that membership group."

I'm now getting XML-formatted spam email. A sure sign that XML is taking hold.