inessential by Brent Simmons


Woohoo! Napster lives! Rock 'n' roll high school! It's fab! Ç'est super!

Sometimes I like to pretend to myself I'm totally new to the Internet. I have conversations with myself.

"Hey, do you have that Internet program?"

"No, I wish I did, all I've got is the email from that Yahoo."

I don't do it to be mean. I wonder if plumbers and electricians and auto-repair dudes joke like this? Probably. I have no idea what their jokes would be like -- in their worlds I'm totally clueless.

"Hey, Mr. Plumber guy, I think I screwed something up -- 'cause now when I take a shower all the water disappears into this little hole."

We're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue.

And then we'll take it higher.