inessential by Brent Simmons


From the history of Kill Rock Stars, an independent record label in Olympia, WA:

"Major labels exist for one reason and one reason only: profit. Nowadays there are plenty of 'independent' and pseudo-independent labels (how come all these labels that are half-owned by majors or distributed by major-owned distributors still try to claim to be 'indie'?) who exist purely for the profit-motive, but the good independent labels continue to put out records for the right reasons: the love of music and tons of respect for the people that make the music. Major labels do not treat bands with respect, unless they are 'stars'. Bands are just a commodity to major labels, and so are the fans who buy the records, just a 'demographic' and a 'market'."

KRS has a page with MP3s.

More independent labels: K Records, Alternative Tentacles, Villa Villakula.