inessential by Brent Simmons


Another day of using Radio UserLand to edit my home page -- look Ma, no Pike button.

To recap -- I'm working on adding Manila sites as a node type in Radio UserLand. When you expand a site, you can edit the home page, messages, various templates, etc. just by double-clicking. Everything is bookmarkable and re-organizable.

Where I am right now: finishing up the discussion group browser. Then moving on to a site structure editor. (Right-click to set attributes such as message number.)

In the meantime, the tunes are playing.

Here's an observation only a geek could make. The Manila sites outline feels -- to me -- like the project files window in Metrowerks CodeWarrior. It's tall and narrow. I have it on the right side of my screen. When I want to edit something, I double-click over there. Radio UserLand is an IDE for websites?