inessential by Brent Simmons


There will be a Seattle Frontier Users Group Meeting next Tuesday. I'll be there! Eric Soroos writes: "Discussions topics are up in the air, but I'd bet that Radio Userland and connecting to interesting backend services is going to be a large part of it."

Sheila: "I felt like I was in the future, but I also felt like the future was pretty darn cheesy. "

I live in Ballard, Seattle's Norwegian neighborhood. (Sheila's maiden name is Erickson, and there's a statue of her ancestor Leif here.) But last night, at the local Walgreen's, we had a decidedly non-Norwegian experience. As I was fumbling with the debit machine, the clerk tells me -- "the machine is meshuggeh." Though not Jewish myself, I grew up on the east coast; New Jersey is my ancestral home. That is to say that Yiddish isn't a completely foreign language to me, and it's heart-warming to hear it spoken in this Scandinavian enclave.