inessential by Brent Simmons


Mariners win game one!

Warning: the below is unfair. Do not read any further if you can't stand being curious and not having your curiosity satisfied. I mean it. I will not satisfy your curiosity; nor will I run a survey. I'm telling you to click the Back button in your browser right now. No joke.

They say if you live long enough you'll meet your double. I don't know if that's true -- but I've met my anti-double, my exact opposite, the anti-me. Or, I should say, I've met the weblog that is the exact opposite of mine.

It would be impolitic to point to it -- but don't worry, no, it's not your weblog, definitely not. Relax! In fact, I highly doubt the author of the weblog I'm talking about reads mine.

But it's amazing. Every time I read it -- I tend to avoid it, actually -- I'm stunned. I disagree with every single sentence. There isn't a sentiment expressed I don't take immediate issue with.

It gets my blood boiling, every time, without fail.

The site I'm talking about is well-regarded, is rather popular. The author is very opinionated. It seems like just about everyone else in the world digs it.

At times there's a deafening chorus of me-toos. It's not just that people enjoy the site -- they agree with it.

And yet... this weblog is 100% completely and perfectly wrong about every single thing. In my opinion.

To me it reads like: "Pure evil is good." And people say: "Right on! You hit the nail on the head with that pure evil thing! So insightful!"

I guess I'm lucky that there's just the one weblog out of thousands that drives me nuts.

My point isn't really about the specific case of me and this weblog. Which is partly why I'll never reveal which one it is. I'm interested in the experience itself.

Is there a weblog that is the exact opposite of yours? Or is it just me, is this a unique experience?

I'm not talking about weblogs you don't like -- surely there are a few, out of the thousands, you don't care for -- I'm talking about a weblog that to you is wrong in every way possible on every level.

Paul Victor Novarese knows what I'm talking about -- he has two opposites. So I'm not alone in this. Paul writes: "For some reason I continue to read both of them occasionally (about once a week). I suppose my masochistic side is afraid it might miss something."

Why did I name this weblog Because I'm a contrary bastard. From the start I set myself up to be the opposite of something.

Two people have guessed camworld. While not my favorite weblog, that's not it.

I'm pretty certain that it's un-guessable.