inessential by Brent Simmons


Thanks to Steve Ivy for the link to GWBushSucks.Com.

Note to Steve (who is not the anti-me): I'd probably vote Republican too, if Republican leaders actually believed in the same things you do. They don't. Two words: corporate welfare.

It turns out there's a! "Before you consider lobbying for corporate welfare, have you: Lowered workers wages as your profits have shot up?"

I've heard that the Mac OS X developer tools are now available for download to on-line ADC members. (As I recall, being an on-line member is free.) I wonder if, were I starting a project from scratch, would I use Project Builder/Interface Builder or CW Pro 6?

Actually, because I'm a freak, I'd probably use neither, I'd write command line apps. Why? Because they're restful -- so much of my work is UI work. The command line is a vacation. It's like going without shaving, drinking a six-pack of beer, sleeping past noon.

Plus, there's something delightfully perverse about writing command line apps for Macs.

Luckily, for me and the rest of the world, I'm not starting a project from scratch.

Boy am I ever tired of spam advertising printer supplies. Hello, I don't even own a printer. And if I did, I'd trade it for a dog. Then I'd give the dog to a good home.

While I do think it's easier to write negative than celebratory prose, I take some measure of inspiration from The Flangy News. Consider this day, with two gems: "My car tried to kill me when I got in it after work..." and "HTML is a harsh master. And a cruel mistress. And I don't mean the good kind of cruel mistress..."