inessential by Brent Simmons


Stat of the day: 4-0. Four wins, zero losses.

When facing post-season elimination versus the Yankees, the Mariners are 4-0. They have never lost.

To clarify:

In 1995, they faced a do-or-die situation three games in a row -- and won each game, thereby winning the series. Down 0-2 in a five-game series, they beat the Yankees in each of the next three to move on to the ALCS. (Where they lost to the Indians.)

Yesterday's game was the fourth do-or-die win in a row versus the Yankees.

John Lewis has his own stat of the day -- "ten pounds of fluid ride in the hump of a camel."

This has not passed the fact-checking team. (Those poor underpaid bastards, working on their novels late at night, wondering if they'll ever meet a city gal as nice as the phillies back home in Kansas.)

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