inessential by Brent Simmons



Manila bug fixes listed on today's Frontier News.

I spent the weekend in software installation hell. If you're a Mac user, and you were here, you'd'a been rooting for me. (Believe me, I thought about you, and at times that was the only thing keeping me going.) It was still hell, though.

On the bright side, it wasn't like I had to install NT or anything.

Here's the story. I couldn't get debugging to work on OS X. Without debugging, no progress on the OS X version can be made. On the advice of Tim Paustian, I wiped my hard drive and set up two partitions, one for OS X and one for OS 9. Then I re-installed both OSes, re-installed CodeWarrior, set up the source code -- and re-installed other apps I use on this machine. (It's my desktop machine.)

At the end of it, after much struggling, I built an OS X version that runs. And debugging works. (For some reason I can get it to work with DebugNubController only, or whatever it's called -- but that's better than nothing.) The server is working -- with .wsf sites, anyway. I haven't set up Manila yet.

For a while I was seeing red -- I was on the verge of doing whatever it took to get both an Apple and a Metrowerks employee here at the same time. But late last night I got things working.