inessential by Brent Simmons


I live in one of those neighborhoods where kids still actually go door-to-door seeking candy. I bought candy. I'm ready for them. Hello, little kiddies.


Got Manila running on OS X! I was testing on an old copy of a backup of this weblog. Here's a large-ish {pictureLink ("screen shot", "largeOsXShot.gif")}.

Here's something else I tried, just for jazz. Can you write AppleScript scripts in Frontier on OS X? Yes. It worked the first time. I chose AppleScript from the language menu, wrote a one line script, ran it, it worked. Just another indication that lots of things are working, in both Frontier and in OS X itself.

OS X tip: I discovered you can get a Restart command if you hold down option -- Shut Down becomes Restart. Useful if you're in my shoes, having to switch between OS X and OS 9.

Another tip -- there's a chess app. I played a game. The computer whipped me. I totally suck at chess, though I enjoy it. (Spatial intelligence is pretty low on the human side of my keyboard.)

I'm starting to like some things about Aqua. I've got lots of complaints, for sure, and more all the time. (It's beta software, what do you expect?) But one thing I've learned to like is the NeXT-style file system browser. It's a time saver, a screen real estate saver.

OS X Talk calls itself "Your source for Mac OS X News." (Hopefully you already know about MacOSX.Weblogs.Com.)