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More Manila and mainResponder bug fixes -- see today's Frontier News.

Carbon porting tip: if your app crashes, and you're in the debugger, and you wonder how the hell it ended up at that particular line of code, about half-a-million lines of code away from where it should be -- it's probably because you passed a function pointer instead of a UPP to something like OTInstallNotifier.

NARAL: "Next Tuesday's presidential election could trigger the repeal of Roe v. Wade and an end to legal abortion in the United States. Most of the candidates differ sharply but sincerely on that issue. Only one is flippant enough about this life-or-death matter to say the end of constitutional protection for reproductive freedom is, to put it as bluntly as he does, no big deal. His name is Ralph Nader."

Planned Parenthood: The Facts About Bush. "Russert: Would you fight for a constitutional amendment to ban all abortion? Bush: I would support a constitutional amendment with the exceptions of life, incest and rape."

NY Times: Nader Sees a Bright Side to Bush Victory.

Here's a letter to Ralph Nader from Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club. "You have called upon us to vote our hopes, not our fears. I find it easy to do so. My hope is that by electing the best environmental President in American history, Al Gore, we can move forward."

CNN: Battleground States.

Today's BookNotes has lots of good election links.

Garrett writes: "bush is the yellow brick road to real electoral recognition for the green party; the best thing to come along in years."

John Lewis writes: "He advocates Consumerism as long as it tastes great and really IS less filling, like the LABEL says it is, it's got his approval." "These people might as well just say, 'Please Nader, leave the race and I'll give you a BJ.'"

It used to be that Ralph Nader was the answer to a '60s trivia question.

"Alex, I'll take 'The '60s' for four hundred."

"This consumer rights champion wrote Unsafe at Any Speed."

"Who is Ralph Nader."

"Correct for four hundred dollars!"