inessential by Brent Simmons


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Where do Bush and Gore stand on that most important of issues, baseball?

They agree that grass is better than artifical turf. But note the difference in language:

Gore: "The smell of freshly cut grass and the beautiful patterns cut into the lush lawn surrounding the rich, dark brown dirt infield have been part of the game since its beginnings and always should be."

Bush: "Grass is better to look at."

I'm tempted to agree with John VanDyk about Bush's DUI arrest in 1976. I don't really care what Bush did in 1976. I myself was often in trouble in 1976. (I didn't do my homework; I liked to fight with the other kids and my teachers; I threw stuff and broke stuff.)

However, Bush makes issues out of crime and punishment, he talks about honesty and integrity -- and so the issue is present-day hypocrisy.

I'll also point to Michael Moore's message of the day: Three Strikes and You're Out, Mr. Bush. "...this marks the THIRD arrest -- that we know of -- involving this man who would be President."

It seems to me that Bush would condemn anybody who's been arrested three times -- unless that person is the Ivy League educated son of a prominent northeastern Republican family.

(I also enjoyed Michael Moore's An Open Letter to Governor Bush.)