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Frontier: How to Configure Gems.


This has been one of the thrills of my life.

I watched CNN for about seven hours straight.

I still have hope that my guy will win...

Sheila: "...aliens would land (as one cnn person suggested), dogs and cats would start sleeping with each other..."

No, not dogs and cats sleeping together!

Here's a theory about why the election is close. It's not that America is evenly divided between liberals and conservatives.

It's that Americans have taken a sharp turn toward the middle. A nation of moderates.

The voting is the result of what Sheila called the "coin-toss effect." If you're in the center, Gore's a little to the left, Bush is a little to the right. Which do you vote for? It's a coin toss.

I'm not saying that any one voter flipped a coin. But in large numbers it's as if every voter flipped a coin.

Here's a consequence Nader may not have intended. Me, I'm a liberal, and I give money to environmental organizations and other liberal causes.

In the future, I'll be checking to see if Nader is involved. If so, no money. It's a Nader boycott.

That guy has destroyed his good name among a certain part of his natural constituency. How large that segment is remains to be seen.

Michael Moore: Stop Bush's Theft of the People's Will! While I agree that the Electoral College is out-dated, I guarantee you that had Gore lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College and the presidency, I wouldn't give a shit about the right-ness of that ancient institution. It would be a sore loser who makes a big deal about it now. (In other words, Michael, please, a little class, please.)