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Question for people running Mac OS X:

I need a file-sharing connection from a Cube running OS X to a Linux machine. It seems like I have several options, but I don't know which is most reliable. (Ease-of-setup is a bonus, but reliability is most important.)

So: what do you recommend? I can install additional software on both the Mac Cube and the Linux machine, if needed.

Update: At the moment I'm trying NFS. So far no good, but docs are scant on getting this working in OS X, so it's probably my configuration. Wesley Felter wrote me suggesting Appletalk. (His advice was to install netatalk on the Linux box.) He also suggests scp, but scp won't work for my purposes.

Second update: I can't get NFS working. It should be very simple. However, on the Mac OS X machine I get the error "mount_nfs: /some/path: Protocol not supported." If I do a showmount -e linuxmachine on the Mac OS X machine I do get a list of my one exported share.

So now I'm thinking about another option: using two IP addresses on my Mac OS X box. One IP address for Frontier, the other for Apache. That would eliminate the need for a file-sharing connection: one box could host Manila and static files at the same time.

Does anyone know how to use multiple IP addresses on a Mac OS X box?

Third update: Apple has a page on using multiple IP addresses with Mac OS X. It works. Now to see if I can have Frontier listen on one address and Apache listen on the other. If so -- then hey, this is pretty damn cool, an excellent reason to make OS X your choice of servers for Manila. But first, dinner-time, TV-time, some relaxation. If you're following this drama as it unfolds, you'll have to stay up late.

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