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How to Enable the Manila SOAP Interface. You can script Manila with SOAP as well as XML-RPC -- the handlers are the same, but now there are two protocols.

The Manila RPC interface spec has been updated. Here's an overview of the changes.

A new set of sample scripts demonstrates scripting Manila with SOAP.

On TV last night I watched Return of the Wolf, about the re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone Park. I like shows about animals in the wild, and will pretty much enjoy any of them -- but this one is special, better than most. Thumb's up from this reporter.

It's amazing how much culture wolves have -- they have surprisingly complex social structures and customs. They don't even seem like dogs, they're so smart. One of the best parts of Return of the Wolf was what happened when a wolf from another pack tried to join the Druid pack. There's a testing process that normally ends in acceptance or death for the wanna-be. Apparently this is the first time that process has been filmed.

You can't help feeling a little sorry for the coyotes. They've had to look over their shoulder ever since the wolves came back.

But the most important thing -- something I'd imperfectly understood until I watched this show -- is that wolves, when they're running, when they're hunting, are beautiful. It's not every day you get to see beauty on TV. Cuteness, yes, every day; alluring men and women, perhaps, depending on taste; but actual beauty on TV is rare.