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John VanDyk: the MetaData Plugin is now at 2.0. New feature: full text indexing. Other features.

Windows 2000 has a feature I don't like. Maybe you know how to turn it off?

It hides less-used menu items with double-chevrons. You click to expose the entire menu.

I want to see all my menus all the time.

Is there a setting somewhere? I'd love to turn this feature off on my entire system, but I'll do it app-by-app if I have to.

Update: I figured out how to do it for my Start menu.

1. Choose Start->Settings->Taskbar & Start Menu.

2. In the General panel, un-check the box next to Use Personalized Menus.

3. Click OK.

Now if I can only figure out how to do it for MSIE 5. It hides my favorites from me.

Update 2: Thanks to Christopher Laco, here's how you turn off that feature for MSIE 5's Favorites menu.

1. In IE, choose Internet Options... from the Tools menu.

2. Click the Advanced tab.

3. In the Browsing category, uncheck the box next to Enabled Personalized Favorites Menu.

4. Click OK.

Gosh I can't stand this feature.