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How to use Radio as an editing tool for slides in Manila.

Here's a slideshow on the subject.

On Nov. 14 I asked for advice about flat screen LCD monitors.

And now I have one -- delivered today was a Samsung 770TFT. It has a 17" screen (equivalent to 19" in a glass monitor). Comfortable reading resolution is 1280 x 1024.

It was originally planned for my Mac desktop machine -- but it had to compete with the Trinitron I'm currently using there, and it couldn't. No matter what I did with the settings, it was either washed out or muddy. Tried it with both OS 9 and OS X -- it wasn't that good.

So I set it up for my Windows and Linux desktops. (Which share a monitor via a KVM switch.) And there it's beautiful -- for whatever reason, it's great with Windows 2000 and Linux running GNOME. It's sharp and bright, easy to read. It's more readable than the glass monitor I had been using.