inessential by Brent Simmons


New macro: includeHttp includes the text returned by an HTTP request in a Manila-generated Web page.

Sheila wrote a new sample macro: workspace.randomLine returns a random line from a discussion group message, so you can do things like a random quote generator.

Another new sample is from Emmanuel Décarie: Sending a file with tcp.sendMail.


I still maintain a server running Frontier 4.2.3. I rarely have to actually use Frontier on that machine, but today I did. I felt like taking a screenshot.

This server is the descendant of the first server I ever ran. There are files that date back to 1995.

The hard drive is named Jeeves. At the time I thought that was a cute name for a server.

The server originally ran Frontier 4.0b1, aka Aretha.