inessential by Brent Simmons


In an article speculating about Mac users dumping LinuxPPC for Mac OS X (or not doing so), an important point was missed -- lots of Macs won't be able to run OS X.

I have two working Macs that won't run OS X. One is running OS 8.x, the other is running LinuxPPC.

For many Mac users already running LinuxPPC, OS X is not even an option.

Which is sort of too bad. I say "sort of" because LinuxPPC is pretty cool. My advice, if you have an older Mac and you want to run a static server, install LinuxPPC on it. Don't bother installing a desktop, you don't need it. Install Apache. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how fast and stable it is.

X Appeal mentions some OS X rumors. These are just rumors. I hope they're true, but I have no idea.

"First up is that late builds of OS X allow you to move the Dock to any side of the screen and vertically. Additionally, even later builds have a.... Apple menu!"

OS X Hints has an article on turning on SSH on your OS X machine. Important info.

Sometimes when I read "XML-RPC" I hear Cartman's voice in my head. "Ecks-emmer Eh-pee-cee," he says. "Sweet," he says. God knows why I hear this.

Oh yeah, right, I forgot, it's because I'm a total freakin' geek. I'll try to remember.