inessential by Brent Simmons


I did not watch Temptation Island, wasn't even tempted.

There's little more boring than watching young people struggle with their libidos and ethics. That's why most sitcoms bite.

I don't have the exact quote here, but William S. Burroughs once said something to the effect that the worse type of story is that of the young man making his way in the world, seeking his fortune and/or Nirvana.

I feel the same way about stories involving the romantic difficulties of young people.

(Well, old people, too -- except that those are usually better stories, told by better writers, and the quality and inventiveness of the story may redeem its subject matter.)

I can't believe the opportunity we as a culture miss every day. This is a huge world full of beautiful subjects, and what we get on TV pretty much ignores this. (I watch TV, I love TV, and so I know what I'm talking about.)

The Web is better. Mostly. At least it has the potential. One of the things that drives me is, well it's like a religious crusade, I want to help make sure the people who have stories to tell will be able to tell their stories.

I have a deeply-held belief that the modern form of political control over the human spirit is control over our stories. Once millions (or billions) of people not only can but do publish their stories, that control breaks, and a leap forward in consciousness that rivals the Renaissance is inevitable.

So I'm an idealist. You only live once, right? I can be an idealist if I want to be, if it makes me happy.

Thanks for listening. And thanks for publishing your stories on the Web.