inessential by Brent Simmons


Sheila's got the full scoop on Clinton's last day in office.

Two of the best-kept secrets in the weblog world: Gulker.Com and Ken's Digest.

Erin Clerico has a new-ish site at -- unfortunately it's using that damn FrontPage theme. (Though technically interesting for how it does the navigation links, it's still fugly.)

Yesterday I helped Doc, who's writing about OS X for Linux Journal, lift the hood. A couple things were interesting: launch, do a cd / then an ls. Look: there's bin, dev, etc, sbin, and so on. The directory structure isn't exactly the same as Linux, but there are many commonalities. Another interesting thing was Darwinfo.Org, a community site devoted to Darwin development.

Tip: the Finder normally hides much of the UNIX-ish stuff. Here's how you can see the hidden directories in the Finder: choose Go to Folder... from the Go menu; type something like /var/log in the dialog box, and there you go. (Hey, where'd all this freaky shit come from?)

Tips for Frontier and Radio Developers

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