inessential by Brent Simmons


I added a couple little graphics I can use, just for jazz.


Tip: next time you boot Mac OS X, hold down the v key. You'll get to see what's actually happening as the OS boots. To a geek like me it's interesting.



I didn't vote for Bush -- but I respect him and the office of the Presidency. When Bush says he's a uniter, I take him at his word.

I'm willing to call the Ashcroft nomination an honest mistake.

But, as one of his first actions as President, Bush re-instated the gag rule. He couldn't have done something more divisive.

To the millions of Americans like me hoping he'll live up to his word, this is a very bad sign.

My advice to Bush: spend your political capital wisely. You don't have as much as most incoming presidents. Save it for the big things, save it for your education program.

Look at it this way: you're starting with 100 bucks. You just threw 5 bucks into the Potomac.