inessential by Brent Simmons


I picked Kathyrn as the Mole in the second or third episode. I was thinking about the aftermath of Survivor, and how they were all on talk shows, and they were all pretty yucky.

I knew that the Mole would produce at least two people for the talk-show circuit -- the winner, who they couldn't pick, and the Mole, who they could pick.

So, knowing that they had control over at least one of the people, I pictured a guest on Jay Leno wearing a short black skirt. Who did I think they would think would look best in a short black skirt? Kathryn.

I have no idea if my reasoning was on target or not, but I picked right.

What scared me was the Will & Grace effect; I was afraid it might be Jim. But I counted on timing, that the Will & Grace effect hadn't really started kicking in when the producers chose the Mole.

Sheila and I had the misfortune of being in both of the two most recent major earthquakes in the U.S. In 1999 we went to Los Angeles for a weekend. The only time we've ever been there. About an hour after checking into our hotel, a 7.1 hit north of the city. We were on the eight floor (something like that). The building was swaying like crazy.

That's just bad luck. I don't knock on wood nearly enough, or throw salt over my shoulder.

Yesterday's earthquake was just a drill. We practiced getting the word out via the Internet. Of course, had it been more serious, it might have been impossible to get the word out.