inessential by Brent Simmons


I was watching a news show on network TV last night and someone they were interviewing used the word "shit" and they didn't bleep it out.

I was so surprised.

But then I realized how fucked up it is that it's surprising and rare when on TV they're brave enough to use a word that every 8-year-old uses.

I'm not saying that TV should be coarsened more than it is. It's like it's upside down. There's tons of stuff on TV far, far more offensive than the word "shit." It would be refreshing to allow people on TV to be able to talk like people.

You can see the most hideous acts of real violence, enough to traumatize anybody who isn't already a monster, but no uncensored scenes of girls flashing their boobs on Bourbon Street. Oh please. It's just so weird.

I love TV. But I wish it were better.

It would be great if on Star Trek Worf could say: "They are cowards with no fucking honor."

Or maybe Suze Orman on some money show: "Don't fucking invest in the goddamn bond market, your money will turn to fucking shit."