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To friends and family who keep asking -- "Have you released yet?" -- the answer is now -- Yes!

Click on the coffee mug. Read, download, have fun.

You have no idea how tired I am. I've been running on fumes for the last few days. I don't know what it looks like from the outside, but from the inside we're just a few guys who work very damn hard.

But now is a critical time too -- we call it follow-through. You don't just release and go to sleep, you listen to the users, work with them, answer questions, refine docs, fix bugs.

It's still work, but it's less stressful than shipping.

I felt like doing a tour of sites run by Manila and/or Radio, to see what's cool here in early March 2001.

This is a totally subjective and pretty random thing -- I know I'm missing some pretty cool sites. You can always post on the dg or send me email. It's likely I'll do more tours in the future. They're fun.

You probably already know about some or most of these sites, but hopefully some of them will be new to you, or worth a second look.

Sheila's Web Site
She's not just my wife, she's a better weblogger than I am. You won't usually find lots of acerbic opinion or links to the latest disasters -- instead, her mission is to find the fun and funny stuff. Mariners links are a bonus.

If you haven't been scobleized yet, you will be. Robert Scoble is a fairly new weblogger who's coming on strong.

Glenn Fleishman, a fellow Seattle-ite, has been there and done that -- and he's a good writer. Real good. Adjectives-escape-me good.

Disturbing Search Requests
Theory: the best sites are either personal sites that cover lots of topics, or collaborative sites that cover a single topic. This is the latter type -- and what a great topic. Worth at least one visit a day. It's my favorite freakshow.

Adam Curry's Weblog
Possessed of one of the all-time great taglines -- "There are no secrets -- Only information you don't yet have" -- this site is one of the earliest joint Manila/Radio productions. Good links from a guy who loves the Web as a medium.

This site is the reason why drugs are illegal. (Oh, I'm so totally just kidding. Mike's a good guy, though his brain is so massive and dense that nothing, not even light, can escape it.)

Dig PHP? You're not alone. This wildly popular Web scripting system is nicely covered by this weblog.

The award for nicest guy on the net may go to the inaptly named Hal B. Rager. Hey, I wish my name was Rager.

This is a Manila site hosting service -- beautifully designed by Bryan Bell, who's also designed a number of UserLand sites and the most popular Manila themes. (The least popular Manila themes were designed by me.) Also check out Design.Weblogger.Com and Linux.Weblogger.Com.

Doc Searls
Click here for clues.

Though infrequently updated, there's lots of good stuff here in the tip archive. Written by a guy who's both clear-headed and a good teacher, it's free of the rah-rah junk you see elsewhere -- instead, it's actually useful and easy to read.

Another site with one topic but many authors, this is my first stop for OS X news. It's one of the first sites I subcribed to in Radio.

web dew
Highly personal good writing every day from Gregg Hartling.

The Village Voice: Teacup Rescue Dogs Vancouver is a pretty nice article about Disturbing Search Requests.

How to get a big head

Back in the '70s I was a boy and I watched Sesame Street and Mister Rogers and Electric Company on public television.

In those days, between shows they would show their logo on the screen. On a black background were the giant letters PBS. My initials are PBS, so Mom would say: that's you. I'd say: that's me, I'm PBS.

It didn't seem strange at all.

I still use PBS as my initials, even though I've always gone by my middle name. (If you look through the source code in Radio or Frontier, you'll see my initials a few times.)

I could just use my middle and last name -- but then my initials are BS, which I like a whole lot less.