inessential by Brent Simmons


The Mariners game is televised tonight. Shew. Baseball again. At long last I can breathe.

IRS Records was the greatest record label ever. I miss it.

it's a neat trick how
   if you break up your sentence
like a poem
   it seems more profound
than it is really.
all lower-case
   is also

When I was a boy I thought there was a connection between mica -- which we found along the stream beds in the forest behind my house -- and fingernails. Both were sort of clear; you could split them and peel off a layer.

The science of childhood: like things are connected.

An article at Kuro5hin about having to wear suits: Monkey See - Monkey Do.

Unlike many people, I don't think suits are a priori bad. Look at Humphrey Bogart or your favorite ska band -- cool guys, looking fierce in their suits.

But it makes me think about what I wear to work.

When I'm working on Radio -- which is all cutting edge and P2P-ish and all -- I dress totally in black. I'm going for a relaxed cool, a la Isaac Mizrahi. I say "fabulous" and "chic" alot.

When I'm working in Frontier and Manila -- old friends -- I dress comfortably, in tight leather pants and a sharkskin shirt.

When I'm working on the kernel, my outfit is somewhat metaphoric -- I'm going to the heart of things, stripping away all the layers. So naturally I'm buck naked. Plus I like the feel of the leather chair under my butt.

Of course, right before Sheila comes home I switch to jeans and a T-shirt so she won't think her husband is a freak.