inessential by Brent Simmons


Me, I'm fixing bugs today. Watch Frontier News for progress. Or, better yet, subscribe to it. (It's on the Hot List page in Radio.)

MacCentral: Radio tunes Internet publishing to desktop users.

blackholebrain: "You've got mail, you stupid fucking moron."

This Frontier dg thread is cool. Partly because it's users helping users -- but also for the solution. A person wants Tomcat to generate JSP pages behind Frontier. Tomcat's port must remain hidden -- the person doesn't want other people to connect directly to Tomcat. So the solution Ken Dow came up with was to have Frontier call Tomcat via HTTP and return the result.

One of the bummer parts about software development is the boring housekeeping and futzing you have to do sometimes. Yesterday I got my Mac OS X release candidate CD. Cool -- I immediately installed it on three machines, including my development environment. But now, once again, I can't debug. I went down this road when I installed Mac OS X public beta -- so I know there's a solution, I just can't remember what it is. Oh well, I'll find it.

But then I noticed there's an update to CodeWarrior, and a new Carbon SDK and new Universal Interfaces. Ugh. So yet more downloading and installing and futzing. Nuts.

Unfortunately, according to the paperwork that came with the OS X CD, I can't talk about it. But if you look around you'll find lots of sites talking about the release candidate, so you're not missing anything by me not talking about it. And anyway the official release is just days away.

Le chat me regarde. Aujourd'hui le soleil brille.