inessential by Brent Simmons


Melissa Simmons: "I work for a startup. You know, a startup." (Yes, Melissa is my sister.)

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Update: ManilaSites.Com is back up.

Eric Soroos: jsp proxy responder.

Rumor: Scott Bakula is negotiating for the lead role in the next Star Trek series. Oh boy!

If someone asks you who created the world, you should be honest and tell them the truth. It was Chuck Berry.

Oh nuts, we've been found out. What should I do now? I think: panic.

Sometimes you get lucky and you get on a streak where your dreams are really good dreams.

Remember that awful story about the monarch butterflies in Mexico?

Last night in a dream I was looking outside at the back yard. More than in real life it was a tangle of trees and flowers and vines. I saw a monarch butterfly. Then I saw another one. And a third. I started counting.

Suddenly my eyes focused and I could see there were thousands of monarch butterflys in my back yard.

I turned and called to Sheila: They're here! I was so happy that they'd escaped, they're alright now, and they've come to stay with me and Sheila.

It was a great dream, heart-breaking only now when I'm awake.