inessential by Brent Simmons


Now and again it comes up that Mac users who download Frontier files need to set the file type and creator. There's a contextual menu plugin that makes it easy.


The plugin mentioned above comes from Ranchero Software, which is the company Sheila and I founded, along with several other people, in 1995. It was originally named WorldWide Power & Light.

Now, six years later, we're in the process of shutting down Ranchero Software. We turned off the business phone the other day. We have just a couple website hosting clients left.

Sheila and I will retain ownership of and We'll also keep the small bits of software and the Frontier tutorials on the air, since they're still valuable. The template for the site will change, undoubtedly, but the links will still work.

Six years -- a pretty good run! It was never a huge money-making machine, but I remain proud of the fact that I was part of a company that was doing cool Web stuff long before Netscape's IPO, before Windows 95 was released, etc.

We were Frontier users from the start, of course.