inessential by Brent Simmons


Now it can be told...

This site was the first Manila site to be served by Frontier for OS X. Sometime in April I made the switch from an NT server to a G4 Cube.

The second site was the Frontier-OSX site, of course.

AndrŽ Radke announces Regex 2.0.2b3, which includes some bug fixes and is carbonized, so it works with OS X Frontier.

Part of the fun of Frontier for OS X is exploring the new environment. One of the things I did was write a mini-app that allows you to call Frontier from the command line. This app was done using ProjectBuilder -- which is the first time I've used ProjectBuilder. It was... different. At first I didn't like it at all, but it grew on me quickly, and I soon found it charming.

I want to re-iterate the thanks to Tim Paustian -- he's done a wonderful job on carbonizing Frontier. My personal thanks go to Tim for his enthusiasm and hard work. To every Frontier user who runs OS X -- if you get a chance to send Tim your thanks, please do so.

Sam DeVore, beta tester extraordinaire, has started a FAQ on using Frontier in X.