inessential by Brent Simmons


Mariners are 30-9. Ichiro has a 21 game hitting streak. We won 7-2 last night.

Yup, we need a new hitter as much we need Bobby Ayala back in the bullpen. (In other words, we need a hitter as much as we need newer, more virulent contagious diseases.)

Update 3:45 PM: Ichiro now has a 22 game hitting streak, with a single in the first inning against David Wells of the White Sox. (And then Ichiro stole second base. And then Ichiro stole third base.)

Update 6:30 PM. Mariners win 5-1, are now 31-9. They have the second-best record after 40 games in major league history, according to announcer Dave Niehaus. (Behind, if I remember right, the Tigers' 35-5 record in the early '80s. Tied with the Yankees 1998 31-9 record.)

Schadenfreude. "What I've seen in the past six days is a young man tormented by the Rangers' failure to win, deeply hurt by the fans' constant vocal disdain and perhaps as unhappy as he has ever been in his life."