Mariners are 30-9. Ichiro has a 21 game hitting streak. We won 7-2 last night.

Yup, we need a new hitter as much we need Bobby Ayala back in the bullpen. (In other words, we need a hitter as much as we need newer, more virulent contagious diseases.)

Update 3:45 PM: Ichiro now has a 22 game hitting streak, with a single in the first inning against David Wells of the White Sox. (And then Ichiro stole second base. And then Ichiro stole third base.)

Update 6:30 PM. Mariners win 5-1, are now 31-9. They have the second-best record after 40 games in major league history, according to announcer Dave Niehaus. (Behind, if I remember right, the Tigers' 35-5 record in the early '80s. Tied with the Yankees 1998 31-9 record.)

Schadenfreude. "What I've seen in the past six days is a young man tormented by the Rangers' failure to win, deeply hurt by the fans' constant vocal disdain and perhaps as unhappy as he has ever been in his life."

17 May 2001