inessential by Brent Simmons


Tracking Hemingway. Online reprints of articles about Papa published in The Atlantic between 1939 and 1983. has a photo gallery of lemurs.

I didn't used to eat nectarines, but lately I've been enjoying them. The nectarine derives from the peach, which comes from China. More history.

Hello, Dali.


The name "Smart Tags" makes me think of skin tags, which are a similar annoying and unwanted affliction. The difference? Skin tags are benign.

Sheila sometimes calls them "tough tags," because the name reminds her of something she uses at work.

In my dream world, one day I reformat all the drives on the Windows machines in my office and install Linux. (If I really did that I'd be in a ton of trouble.) Whenever I have to give blood or get a shot or whatever, or I have trouble falling asleep, I go to this dream world in my mind, and I'm happy.

Anyway, to answer the question so often posed, that's where I want to go today.

Scott: How can anybody get anything done on Windows?

Blue is the color of soulless bureaucratic authority.