inessential by Brent Simmons


The firefly -- the lightning bug -- is actually a beetle. They're not found west of the Rockies, which is why I haven't seen any in Seattle. But I have fond memories of running around in the woods and catching them when I was a kid back east.

The Firefly Files.

Lately I've been getting spam for breast enlargement.

Which seems like there ought to be a great joke here, but I can't think of a good one. So here's a gratuitous link to Dollywood and a link to Planet Pamela.

There's a magazine called Bust. Hooters has a website.

Och, enough. Breasts are undoubtedly the most commercialized of body parts.

To paraphrase Voltaire -- if large breasts didn't exist, advertising agencies would have had to invent them. (In fact, given the number of surgeries per year, they practically did.)

Artificial honkers.

Norman Mailer once wrote something to the effect that bottle blondes are more truly blonde than natural blondes -- since they're blonde by choice rather than accident of genetics.

I'm sure a similar observation could be made about headlights.