inessential by Brent Simmons


Yesterday Sheila and I took a walk down to the Ballard locks. If you live in Seattle, or are planning to visit, this is a great time to go there.

The salmon were jumping out of the water. The fish ladder was crowded with sockeye (I think) making their way upstream.

The locks themselves were busy with boats going into Lake Union.

Lots of people were there -- it was a sunny Sunday afternoon -- but even still it wasn't too crowded. Many people brought their dogs. We saw two collies, a pug, and various mutts.

The gardens were lovely, with foxglove, rudbeckia, and lots of poppies. In the nursery, which is the first walkway on the right as you enter, we saw a Lorquin's Admiral.

And naturally there were squirrels, which I think followed us there.

Heard on the radio -- Dave Niehaus haiku:

Swung on and belted
Deep to left-center field, it
will fly, fly away

My Mom has an ocicat named Spot. (Data's cat on Star Trek was named Spot.)

We're always amazed by how like a dog he is -- he even likes to play fetch with his cat toys. So just last night I read up about the ocicat -- and, sure enough, it's a characteristic of the breed.

From the page linked to above:

"It is a lot like a dog in that it is absolutely devoted to its people."

And: "They are extremely people-oriented, living well with children and people of all ages and types. They do not display an aloof temperament and actually act more like a dog than a cat."

And: "There are times when Ocis are fully capable of opening doors or cage latches, many others who in a 'dog-like' manner will fetch, and the interesting case of an Ocicat who would sit and wave 'bye-bye'."