inessential by Brent Simmons


A few pictures from the new Star Trek Enterprise sets.

Maybe I'm the last one to notice this -- or the only person dumb enough to mention it -- but I just noticed that Google's new image search page has a "mature content filter" that you can turn off. I wonder if traffic will go up as people realize this is a free porn search engine?


Seeing this ad makes me doubly glad I switched to pine. No, triply glad. No, quadruply. (Via Scripting News.)


More Enterprise pictures -- Scott Bakula on the bridge.


A long time ago --1996? -- I thought there was going to be a future in connecting Java with scripting systems. I don't think I was right. I can't even remember why I thought that.

But we got as far as making a logo for a website that never got created.


That was in the days of...