inessential by Brent Simmons


Of course, the keynote was at 9 a.m. Eastern time. Nuts! I watched the re-broadcast.

SOAP and XML-RPC fans shouldn't miss this: Apple on Board!


Okay, I've seen the keynote, and I've seen reaction to it on a few sites, and it looks like there are a few disappointed people.

Nuts to them, I say.

Usually when I see a keynote I end up drooling over some new hardware -- like when the iMacs and iBooks came out. Not this time.

But that's okay -- because the most important thing for Apple to do is to make OS X really usable. And the single biggest key to that is performance.

Did they demonstrate that they're doing that? Yes. OS X 10.1 is scheduled to ship in September, and it appears to be loads faster.

Thanks, that's all I wanted.

To me, it seems like that old thing where customers say they want bug fixes, but when they get them they're disappointed that there isn't a bunch of flashy new features. Apple is delivering fixes and improvements.

Sure, an Apple pda would be nice, or rack-mounted servers or LCD iMacs -- but whatever. I need OS X to run faster on the machines I have right now.

I give Apple good marks for doing the hard thing, knowing that the most important thing to do is make what they have better, and running the risk of disappointing people who expected something glitzier.

This isn't a movie premiere -- this is a computer company telling you what's up. And the point of computers is, it really is, to help you get your work done.