inessential by Brent Simmons


Maggie Davis and Melissa Simmons, my mother and sister, both worked for AdvanceOnline -- which, sadly, just shut down.

Now they're looking for new work.

Maggie Davis is a software developer; she managed the development team at AdvanceOnline. She has a master's degree in computer science and decades of programming experience. Her most recent experience is developing Web-based content management systems with Cold Fusion, SQL databases, JavaScript, and XML. Here's her resumŽ.

Melissa's resumŽ is not online yet -- but let me tell you about her. She has a master's in economics, and was a project manager at AdvanceOnline. She has experience teaching at the college level, designing Web-based instructional material, and managing developers. Here's her Manila site. To contact her, send email to

I know times are tough -- but you still want the very best people. Maggie and Melissa are both in that top 1% -- good managers, conscientious and hard-working, and exceptionally bright and talented.

Remember how at the MacWorld keynote Jobs talked about an alternate minimize effect? Instead of the genie, it would just scale down -- which is faster.

Well, you can have that right now, actually. Here's how.