inessential by Brent Simmons


That SirCam virus appears to be a permanent fact of Internet life. I'm still getting lots of email.

I think we're fighting the virus war with both hands tied behind our back. We need to do as the body does -- we need antibodies and white blood cells that roam and replicate as virii do.

In other words, someone needs to write and release an anti-SirCam virus that goes around deleting the SirCam virus.

ThoughtManager is an outliner for Palm OS pdas. (I just heard about it; might give it a try.)

I like words. Today I offer you a small bouquet of somewhat rare and underappreciated words.


Speaking of volplaning -- I dreamt last night that I was in an airplane that made a crash landing on a country road somewhere in the Appalachians.

As we were going down, we were all scared.

Then a voice came on the intercom giving us instructions. We all started laughing, since we were about do die, but we're all like -- "Well, at least they give you something to do! How considerate. Takes your mind off things."

I remember the voice on the intercom said -- "Put your feet on the floor, if there is one available."

That made us laugh too. They thought of everything! The floor might have given way, after all.

Then finally we landed, minus landing gear and one wing -- and it was the smoothest, most beautiful landing ever. The airplane finally stopped still.

I looked out the window at some cows in a field. Then, something something, cut to something weird, I forget, you know how dreams are weird.